A-ICE helps airport operators boost COVID-19 resilience with low-contact passenger solution

A-ICE helps airport operators boost COVID-19 resilience with low-contact passenger solution

A-ICE, a leading innovator in aviation IT, has launched Smart Proximity Solution (A-SPS), providing airport operators with an integrated approach to support low-contact passenger journeys through the airport terminal.

The system provides a cohesive, secure and convenient set of measures to verify that travellers are virus free and help ensure social-distancing measures are maintained throughout the terminal building. It employs a range of cutting-edge technologies across five key stages:

  1. Registration: Passengers enrol on the system prior to their scheduled journey by uploading a picture of their face wearing a mask.

  2. Testing: A simple blow test on arrival at the airport verifies that a passenger is virus-free and healthy to travel.

  3. Identification: Facial images are captured and the passenger retrieves their A-ICE Smart Proximity bracelet, which vibrates and sounds a warning signal when social distancing rules are not being observed.

  4. Check-in: Passengers move through baggage drop, security and on to the gate with minimal or no contact with airline or airport staff.

  5. Departure: The Smart Proximity Bracelet supports social distancing among airside passengers. The system can also integrate with CCTV data feeds.

Claudio Ferrari, Sales Director at A-ICE, said: “The aviation industry is facing the biggest challenge in its history in the shape of COVID-19. At A-ICE, we believe that smart technologies and innovative thinking are critical in helping airport operators and airlines quickly adapt their systems and establish new processes to create a secure environment for passengers and staff alike.

Because it has been designed and built on universal communication standards, the Smart Proximity Solution can be integrated seamlessly with legacy airport systems. It is a case of using technologies that are within our grasp, developing them in new ways, and combining them to remove any perceived obstacles and build renewed confidence among passengers.”

Visit the A-ICE Smart Proximity Solution page

For more information about our innovative Smart Proximity Solution and to understand more about how it can be used to bring integrated COVID-19 resilience to your systems and airport setting, please visit our Smart Proximity Solution page.


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