A-ICE Contributes to NATO Transformation Process with Active Participation in the Military Logistics Track at NATO TIDE

A-ICE s.r.l. has been an active participant as an industrial component of NATO TIDE since April 2016, taking a significant contribution to the NATO transformation process through the logistics track with an emphasis on optimization in the field of transportation operations and mixed reality.

Transformation Process with Military Logistics Track at NATO TIDE

According to our military expert, Paolo Cerrito, who attended last months’ Croatia-hosted NATO TIDE SPRINT event in the logistics track, and underlined the main sides of A-ICE’s Collaborative Logistics Optimization System (CLOS), enhanced and shortened decision-making with innovative, advanced planning capability is key to streamlining deployment and brings much-needed efficiency to modern warfare.

Everything starts with an idea

TIDE Sprint is the starting point for new ideas within the NATO alliance and ‘Everything starts with an idea!’. Innovation is a core focus, and the development of NATO capabilities begins here – at TIDE Sprint, where military, industry and academia come together to do much of their conceptual thinking and focus on improving interoperability among nations in the Alliance and its partners. ‘TIDE Sprint is at the heart of any NATO transformation process,’ said Mr Cerrito.

Transformation Process with Military Logistics Track at NATO TIDE

The highly innovative and intelligent CLOS solution was unveiled within the logistics track at TIDE Sprint last year and was well received. CLOS aims to optimize and shorten the decision cycle in military logistics planning and facilitates enhanced situational awareness of operational command at every level. Using a next-generation machine learning algorithm, CLOS offers real-time benefits and intelligent decision-making to streamline even last-minute changes to military maneuvers.

A-ICE is also an active participant in the emerging technology of mixed reality, where the use of Microsoft’s HoloLens can contribute to the optimization of future logistics inside state-of-the-art autonomous military warehousing. CLOS is garnering attention from other participants inside the logistics track, both military and industrial, where enhanced decision-making and streamlined, multi-location operability are core requirements for the future of military warfare.

About CLOS

A-ICE’s Collaborative Logistics Optimization System (CLOS) provides a secure, intelligent planning platform that enhances military preparedness at every level. CLOS automates planning processes and closes the loop between transportation request, planning and execution. Optimizing the transportation capacity, CLOS helps military logistics teams maximise use of resources and reduce costs.

Using Machine Learning algorithms, CLOS ensures increased efficiency and offers real-time benefits to adapt to mission or load changes quickly. CLOS ticks all the boxes in terms of ensuring that military logistics is ready for to meet the challenges of today’s changing landscape and remains scalable enough for the battlefield of the future.


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