A-ICE at the 27th edition of TIDE Sprint in Krakow

TIDE Sprint in Krakow
TIDE Sprint in Krakow

In the week of April 11, 2016 A-ICE has shown off for the first time at NATO Technology for Information, Decision and Execution Superiority – TIDE Sprint works in Krakow, contributing with its innovative ideas to the evolution of some specific NATO projects, behaving both actively and proactively, in particular inside the Federated Missions Network – FMN track, one of the main thread of the wide NATO “blanket”, devoted to its enhancement and transformation.

TIDE Sprint is a strategic Consortium made up of NATO ACT, NATO HQ, NATO Agencies, European MoD’s, Industries, Academia’s and its aim is to determine innovation, transformation and evolution processes, achieving the optimization of all NATO’s philosophies, doctrines and rules, related to future joint missions.

TIDE Sprint is based on nine main tracks and each of them deals with a specific strategic subject from C2 to Technology, from M&S to FMN and it is exactly inside the last one, FMN, that A-ICE spent most of its time, spreading most of its ideas, suggesting some modifications and enhancements.

A-ICE has strongly suggested to extract LOGISTICS out of FMN (where till now is still merged), making a new track of it, giving it the same “dignity” of the other nine ones, creating the best conditions to manage specific subjects like Future Deployed Missions – FDM, Deployed Plan Services – DPS and Movement and Transporation Execution – M&T Application.


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