A-ICE at Pratica di Mare


A-ICE Military Event Stand
A-ICE Military Event Stand

On June 1st, at Pratica di Mare military base, the Italian AirForce has celebrated the 40-th anniversary of the 14° Wing activities together with the Centenary of the birth of the 8° Group.

Thanks to the Italian AirForce and in particular to the 14°Wing’s Commander, Col Andrea Massucci for inviting A-ICE to participate to the Event, giving us an extraordinary opportunity to be there showing our ideas, suggestions and commitment for the implementation of state of the art solutions, to be adopted by KC 767, hopefully in a next future!

It has been a quite impressive event which has gathered about one thousand people in the field, giving those young and old generations a nice opportunity to meet, to know each other, to exchange opinions and feelings about their past and present flying experience and their life inside the big family of the Italian AirForce.

The 14° Wing, which was created 40 years ago at Ferrara airport, is now based in Pratica di Mare near Pomezia and it depends from the Support and Special Forces Command in Roma; it runs support missions in the field of refuelling in the air, radio-measures and training activities with the Boeing KC767 and Piaggio P180 Avanti, according to the orders received from the Comando di Squadra Aerea, which is the Italian AirForce high Command, defining and planning all the training sessions, the definition and the implementation of the assets of the personnel active at all the Operative Departments Country-wide.  The 14° Wing has recently given its contribute being involved in the “Unified Protector” operations in Libya, ISAF operations in Afghanistan, “Leonte” operations in Lebanon and “Lorica” operations in Cyprus.

The 8° Group belongs to the 14° Wing and its main activities are concentrated in the verification of the reliability of any radio-assistance system Country-wide, carried out by the use of G222RM aircrafts, in the implementation of ELINT missions through the G222VS and the refuelling in the air missions through the use of KC 767’s.

Refuelling in the air missions through the use of KC 767's
Refuelling in the air missions through the use of KC 767’s


To make the event even more impressive and complete, there have been the evolutions of several lines of flight, beginning with the highly reputed FRECCE TRICOLORE, followed by the always performing TORNADO, through the bold KC767, the dynamic P180 and finally the very modern and impressive Eurofighter – Typhoon, whose performance in the sky made all the present people dream to be a pilot just for a while!

It has been a very meaningful celebration and, for one day, most of us have been with our feet on the ground and our hearts hung in the sky!




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