A-ICE at NATO-ACT Tide Sprint – October 2016

Marco Labricciosa and Paolo Cerrito at NATO-ACT Tide Sprint
Marco Labricciosa and Paolo Cerrito at NATO-ACT Tide Sprint


The 28th Edition of TIDE Sprint has been hosted by ACT along the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean at Virginia Beach on the last week of October 2016, with the participation of about 300 delegates among International Military Organizations and 21 Industries, coming from both the States and Europe.

One of the main news of this Event was the activation of the LOGISTICS track and A-ICE has been quite active and proactive as an Industry during that week of works, giving its contribute of thoughts, sitting around the table together with Lockheed Martin Logistics, Sustainment & Operations Corporate.

The LOGISTICS track was chaired by the ACT Col Joseph Kurz, United States Army, Logistics, Deployement & Sustainment Head and ACT Major Christopher Horny, German Army Logistics Information Management; further to them the NSPA, SHAPE and NCIA NATO Agencies gave their outstanding contribute to preliminary activities regarding the transformation and the strongly requested innovation inside the NATO LOGISTICS.

The main purpose of the on-going transformation processes inside NATO LOGISTICS talks in terms of C2, Interoperability, Deployability&Re-deployabililty, Sustainment, Allied Assets Optimization and Inefficiency reduction, taking in due account three strategic pillars, the Interoperability, the Security and, last but not least, all the Cost Benefits deriving from such innovations.

What will be related to all the transformation processes and evolutions inside NATO LOGISTICS has to be integrated into the existing LOG FS, whose first part is being developed since a few months, representing already a standard reference for the NATO LOGISTICS and next year, in 2017, NATO will run a new tender for the implementation of LOG FS part 2.

A-ICE, already involved in such a subject at National level at the Italian AirForce – AMI and the Interforces Operative Command – COI had the opportunity to make a presentation of its CLOS during that LOGISTICS works, emphasizing the aim of such Cooperative Decision Making s/w System, through which all the Transportation Operation processes would be optimized, also enhancing the aspects of Interoperability and Sustainability during the Mission.

Once again NATO was welcoming the thought contribution of the “SMI’s” as dynamic and cost-effective industrial Entities, whose participation to the NATO innovation process can be strategic as much as the huge contribution traditionally given by the big Companies:  A-ICE, who was sitting around “that” table together with Lockeed Martin is a confirmation of it.



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