A-ICE and Poprad-Tatry Airport Forge Partnership for Operational Excellence

A-ICE is pleased to announce a newly formed partnership with Poprad-Tatry International Airport, a major gateway to the High and Low Tatras regions renowned for their winter sports and summer tourist offerings. This collaboration marks a significant step for both parties, united in the aim to streamline airport operations through innovative solutions while enhancing the overall passenger experience.

A-ICE and Poprad-Tatry Airport Forge Partnership for Operational Excellence

Poprad-Tatry International Airport, experiencing growth in both aircraft movements and passenger numbers, recognized the need for robust, secure, and efficient systems to manage information exchange across various departments and countries. In A-ICE’s A-DCS and A-WBS, the airport found the ideal solutions to these challenges.

A-DCS, or the A-ICE’s Departure Control System, replaces the airport’s previous manual processes with a more sophisticated yet straightforward system, eliminating inefficiencies and optimizing performance. Its counterpart, A-WBS, the Weight and Balance System, brings unparalleled speed and accuracy to flight balancing. Together, these systems make up a comprehensive package that meets the operational needs of Poprad-Tatry International Airport.

According to Martina Krause, Ground Dispatch OPS at Poprad-Tatry, “The weight and balance system allows us to balance flights very quickly and with high quality. The system is very simple and fulfills everything our airport needs. So far, we have not noticed any problem with the work in the given system.

A-ICE attributes the successful partnership to its commitment to providing systems that are not only technologically advanced but also user-friendly and adaptable. The company believes that its proven track record of quality and performance were key factors in being chosen for this important role.

From A-ICE’s perspective, the partnership with Poprad-Tatry International Airport is a vivid example of how technology and operational excellence can come together to serve the evolving needs of modern airports. The collaboration underscores A-ICE’s growing footprint in the aviation industry and demonstrates its unwavering commitment to fostering innovation, security, and efficiency in airport operations.

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