A-DCS: Success story @ Aeroporti di Puglia

Maurizio Cipriani - A-ICE Departure Control System Implementation
Maurizio Cipriani – A-ICE Departure Control System Implementation

Maurizio Cipriani: “Since the first presentation of A-ICE’s system A-DCS, I understood how easy training operators would have been, inexperienced as they might be. Thanks to the extremely short (2/3 days) training cycle combined with its simplicity and speed of use, I got an increase in the airport staff productivity, particularly remarkable at season changes.”

“A-ICE has always met my needs in terms of operational coordination; support is punctual, accurate and always responsive. In years of cooperation with A-ICE staff, I have never received responses that have not fully solved the operational requirements, both in case of requests for customizations (made in record time) and for managing emergencies. In Aeroporti di Puglia we also use A-DCS as a backup system to handle flights usually operated on other systems.”

“Over the years I have also been able to appreciate how A-ICE manages the technical data of the airlines fleets: this service has allowed me to free up resources that used to be devoted to the maintenance of the data (with other DCSs). All this while the insertion and maintenance of semi-permanent data for airlines operated on A-DCS are being taken care of seamlessly, without affecting in any way our operational organization.”

“A-ICE is a serious partner, dynamic and professional.”

With more than 40 years of Aviation operation experience, Maurizio Cipriani worked at Alitalia and today is responsible for the coordination of the airports of Bari, Brindisi, Foggia and Taranto.

In 2014 Aeroporti di Puglia managed more than 2 million passengers with A-DCS.


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