30 November 2016


A-ICE Contract And Billing

A-CAB is a complete package, for contract and billing. Fully integrated with A-ODB and using live data. SGHA compliant.

A-CAB is a complete Package, from Airport Fees and Charges up to the Invoicing

A-CAB offers a streamlined, integrated solution featuring powerful tools for all necessary steps. Starting with a comprehensive WEB module for the management of freely definable airport fees and charges, detailed published tariffs can be created. General price lists, airline-specific agreements or even flight-specific contracts can be prepared, including any desired price adaptations. All contracts are stored electronically and can be printed out ready-to-sign on customizable templates.


  • Price calculation with a single mouse-click
  • Fully integrated with A-ODB, using actual flight details
  • Automated data collection from various sources
  • Invoicing can be processed for both cash paying or credit customers


  • Complete integration with A-ODB (same database, same data)
  • Billing customization
  • Configurable invoice typel
  • Able to export data into Excel or PDF
  • Configurable levels of access
  • Compliant with IATA SGHA